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Self care is so important, and if you’re a mother then it is even more important. Often times we put ourselves last. We are busy running around looking after children, doing laundry, cleaning, cooking meals, groceries, play dates, school commitments, working and basically caring for everyone and every thing else around us. By the end of the day you’re exhausted and can’t wait to shower and go to bed. Right? This is exactly why we need to implement more self-care in our lives. Perfect for a healthy mind, body and soul! Or maybe you already do? and that is perfect!

Self care doesn’t have to mean going on a holiday, getting a manicure or shopping alone. But it definitely can! It basically means setting some time aside to do something YOU enjoy. To make YOU happy.  It’s not selfish for anyone to spend some time on self care. The kids need a happy mummy and the saying ‘happy wife, happy life’ rings true.

So, here is my list of 20 ideas for self care. The possibilities are really endless! Whatever makes you happy!

20 ideas for self care


I hope this has inspired you to implement more self care into your life! I encourage you to make some simple changes in your daily routine. Set aside 5 minutes or 55 minutes! Whatever you can to make some special time for you. You may have a bit more pep in your step or you may just feel a little less tense and feel a little more relaxed after doing something for you! You would be surprised how different you would feel if you put on a face mask and made a cup of tea and drank it while it’s hot. Or diffused some essential oils while reading a book. It could be when everyone is in bed or it could be a matter of asking someone to mind the kids while you had some “me time”. Try it!

Would you add anything different to this list?


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