All last week I was sick and tired. Really really sick and so so tired. Noah must have brought home some sort of mutant bug from daycare because OMG was I sick. It started with both kids being sick with a cold and fever, then moved to me and I had full blown flu. Cold, swollen glands, tonsillitis, fever, chills. Everything. Just awful. For 3 days straight. The few days on either side of the really sick days, were not great either. Joe even took a day and a half off to look after the kids and help me. Bad. Just bad.

But I am finally feeling somewhat like my self. Still super tired and a little off. I will be taking the week off from working out and just taking it easy. This past week was a reminder that if I don’t look after myself then parenting is bloody hard work when your sick especially when you don’t have a whole lot of close family support. The type of people that can see you looking close to death and you truly do not care. But, I am so lucky and so grateful that Joe was able to take that time off. I really do not know how I would have gotten through it. I was bedridden. Really makes you think of those single mothers and fathers and mothers or fathers who do it alone while their partner is working away to provide for the family. You people honestly deserve a metal!

So to sum up my life this week, it was a lot of paw patrol on repeat just to get through the days. Sadly, I took next to no photos because I really just did not have it in me to take any. I am telling you. I was very sick and tired 😉

However, these cutie pies do put a smile on my face. Even if one of them was extra cheeky and extra trying this past week. We have gone back to the choice word of “No” for every. single. thing.

sick and tired
Before poo really hit the fan 🙁



sick and tired
God, I love those faces


sick and tired
scaling everything these days


sick and tired
my little loves



Also, we booked our trip home to Australia for a holiday!!! YES!! More on that later 🙂



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