Up until Noah started daycare he was never sick with more than a cold. Except for once, he had hand foot and mouth disease and it was by far the worst thing he has ever been sick with to date. Since daycare started he has been sick with something almost weekly. I know daycare is a big cesspool of germs. Kids so young touch everything and wipe their noses with their hands or sleeves and touch toys and each other. The germs just keep on spreading. I have been told that it’s good for them because their immunity builds up as time goes on and they don’t get as sick as often.

I think Noah’s resilience is getting better, for the most part, he has only had one cold over the past 2 months. But now, he’s sick. Like quite sick. No sleep, just generally uncomfortable in his own skin. So to the doctors we go.

It is so hard to have sick babies, to watch your child feel so sick and you’re unable to take that pain away. Noah still can’t quite communicate how sick he feels besides saying ouchie and sometimes pointing to areas. The poor boy has gotten a lot of earaches which are bad enough but a virus lasts longer and medication isn’t always prescribed. Throwing a baby in the mix and the possibility of her also catching something brings the worry and stress levels higher.

When I was 8 months pregnant Noah was throwing up all night long. We took him to the doctor the next day, he was diagnosed  with another viral bug but it was so scary. He was dry reaching because he had nothing left in his little body, he was laying on our bathroom floor falling asleep. Just beyond exhausted. He didn’t want to move. So I slept right there next to him.

I know kids will always be sick and there are plenty more years to come of this, with both our kids. But I don’t think it will get any easier. I am so lucky  to have Joe. He takes on just as much responsibility as me. He will be up all hours even though he has to work the next day. He’s an awesome dad and partner.


But getting sick in summer is cruel! So for now we will be quarantined at home on the sofa with extra cuddles, Tylenol and watching Paw Patrol on repeat. A few extra coffees for mummy and hope that naps are plentiful. Miracles do happen, right? Also, thank god for online grocery shopping.





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