On Saturday I went to a Mala workshop that was held at my yoga studio. I saw the flyer about the workshop advertised throughout the studio for a couple of weeks and I really wanted to do it but was a little hesitant because I hate doing things alone. After doing more research on what exactly a Mala is and what it’s used for I wanted to do it even more! I decided to just it book and pay for it so I had no excuse not to go.

mala workshop

And I am SO glad I did it. I have always wished I could have that whole zen hippy lifestyle, be a yoga teacher, love the outdoors, wear those comfy cool clothes, live off the land, meditate, be positive calm, cool and relaxed all the time, but I’m just not there yet. I love shopping in those hippy stores, using natural products, essential oils, precious stones, eating plant-based foods, listening to calming music. But I find it hard to just slow down and just ‘be’. If you know me well, then you know that I’m reactionary and just overall an impatient person. These are things I working on, every single day. Kids are a great way to practise!

During the workshop I got to chat with women I didn’t know, learn what different precious stones can help with and I also learnt how to meditate. Something I have only done with an app on my phone which is done without using the Mala. Mala necklaces have 108 beads. 108 is a sacred number as it comes up a lot in yoga and the number connects the Sun, Moon and Earth. The average distance of the Sun and the Moon to Earth is 108 times their respective diameters, which is pretty cool.

Intention and Meaning of Mala…

In meditation you are praying on your own welfare. An intention is a positive thought about what you might want or need in your life right now. Intentions of course, are very personal and manifest from what is happening in your life at that time. They help us keep in line toward what we want to achieve in our life. By setting an intention in a mala or bracelet, whenever we see it or wear it we are reminded of that intention, helping to create that in your life.

I chose to make the wrap bracelet mostly because I felt like I would wear it the most. It’s ideal to have 54 beads on a bracelet as you know you need to go around twice when meditating to achieve the number 108. It was recommended to pick no more than 2 bead types to make up your bracelet or Mala (necklace). The precious beads that I chose were Howlite, Rose Quartz and White Lava and a moon charm just for a little more character. Siena loves to point out the moon so I thought she would like to see the little charm. Which she did.

mala workshop

Stone meanings…

Howlite: Calms communication; helps one take action toward goals; encourages subtlety and tact; improves character; eliminates pain, stress and rage. Monoclinic.

Rose Quartz: Promotes self-love, clarity of emotions, teaches forgiveness, love of others, universal love, compassion; beautifies skin; fertility; sex; cools temper.

Lava stone (basalt): Healing; grounding; stone of rebirth; calming. Can also be used a diffusing stone, by putting one or two drops on the stone because it is porous.

Not only do these stones look beautiful together but I chose them for their amazing qualities. As I mentioned above, patience is something I am working on daily, so it was an obvious choice to go with, Rose quartz is so good for love; for yourself and for others, and the idea of putting a drop of an essential oil on the lava stone is so lovely!

I am so grateful and lucky to have such encouraging people around me, telling me to do this workshop, when I was nervous about going alone, which I know seems so silly. It was so good for my soul, my confidence and a chance to have a break from the kids and do something different for me.

mala workshop

So I encourage YOU to do something that you have always wanted to do but makes your uncomfortable!

mala workshop


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