I was just going through our linen closet because my current system of stuffing just washed towels, sheets, cot sheets and anything else that doesn’t have a home in was just not working. I kept putting it aside and today I actually thought why not. No better time to clean out a closet that’s located right between my two sleeping babies rooms than now.

As I refolded and piled up the countless unused swaddle blankets, baby blankets, handmade baby quilts, burp cloths and receiving blankets I had an overwhelming sense of sadness. Most of these things I bought when I was pregnant with Noah and I kept and used for Siena. I just cannot believe how quick they outgrew them, only to be left sitting in a closet. I spent so much time picking out the perfect prints and soft fabric to use on their delicate, fresh baby skin. Although, I will say I get a lot of use out of muslin blankets beyond swaddling. They are a great pram/stroller/car seat blanket right up to toddler-hood, but that’s beside the point.

Putting all these things in to storage just feels too soon. I’m fairly certain I just had Siena.  She’s only 8.5 months old, she’s still a baby, my baby, but she’s growing, so fast. She’ll soon be just like her big brother a walking, talking independent little person. My heart can’t handle this. My big boy will always be my baby, my first-born, my special little man but before I know it he will be starting school, he’s already potty training (fantastically!). There is no turning back once he starts school. I can take him out of daycare at any point and keep him home and enjoy every day of him needing me but once he starts school, that’s it.

Diggers and Dirt, his happy place

My baby girl is already pulling herself up, has teeth, crawls everywhere, and eating solids all by herself. I blinked. I swear I just blinked and all this happened.

She's just divine!
She’s just divine!

It’s funny, when these new babies come into your world, there is an endless amount of laundry (still is) piled everywhere, sleepless nights and tired days are one long continuous time, everyone in the house hold is a zombie but somewhere along the way, the clouds part, the sun comes out, your days and nights are a little more distinguished. You get into routines and you figure out your new life with a new baby. Then they grow up…SO QUICK!

All this from cleaning out a linen closet. That’s Karma right there, I knew I should have just put my feet up, drank my coffee and watched the taped bachelor in Paradise.



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