The past few days have been absolutely beautiful. The kind of weather I live and breathe for. The kind that reminds me of summer back home. Then as quick as it comes, it goes.  I won’t complain too much. It’s not freezing with snow. Noah and I spent all morning outside while Siena had her 2.5 hour nap (yes!) both were up at 6, which is unusual for Siena, it’s the norm with Noah. When will my son sleep in again? To 7. I would be happy with 7! Anyone out there have some miracle trick? We have black out blinds. I’m thinking black out curtains next. We have tried putting him to bed both earlier and later but neither have changed what time he gets up. Without fail. Between 5.30-6.15am. He’s so pissed at the world when he gets up too, so we know he hasn’t had enough sleep. I’m. So. Tired.

Anyway, back to it, we hosed the garden, went for a walk around our street. I had the baby monitor so I could keep an eye on Siena. All good. It was such a nice morning, although he had his cheeky moments it was really nice to get to spend that one on one time with him outside. Outside is this kids happy place. Nowhere else in the world makes him so content and happy. He’s such an explorer. He also has a slight obsession with water and playing in my car, but he also likes to walk around, say hi to anyone and everyone and point out bugs. He’s so exhausting because he’s go-go go all day everyday but seeing him that happy is what makes me happy.


up to his old tricks, spraying mummy
up to his old tricks, spraying mummy

I also made Siena some baby food. The second time around is hard because I have less time, but I do really enjoy making it myself so I am managing but we also buy the organic pouches too. They are much easier on the go.

being cute while I make baby food
being cute while I make baby food


Any sleep tips? Baby food recipes?




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