If you didn’t already know, it was thanksgiving here in Canada this past Monday. Which means it was a long weekend! YES! Basically, to me that means an extra day Joe is home!

We don’t celebrate thanksgiving in Australia so it has never really felt that holiday-y to me. But since having kids (it was Siena’s first thanksgiving) I feel it’s important to get into the spirit of things a little more! Not that we did anything special specifically in our house this year, but as they get older we will try to implement it more!

We really wanted to get a cute thanksgiving photo, this is as good as it gets!

This weekend was the first snow fall! I actually find it really exciting and almost magical. It’s so pretty and calm feeling when it snows, I can’t explain it. However, it was my bad luck that it actually started when I had just gotten to the mall on Friday. Rookie mistake. I am not used to driving in the snow and of course I don’t have winter tyres on yet. It took about 45 minutes to get home when it is usually a 15 minute trip, max. Purely from traffic and not because I was driving ridiculously slow.

Had to take a selfie of the first snow fall!

Needles to say we spent all day Saturday at home, went to Joe’s brother’s house for thanksgiving dinner on Sunday evening and spent all day Monday at home. It has been a long while since we spent the whole weekend at home like that but with the cold snowy weather it was actually perfect. We ate too much, worked out, watched movies with the kids and just hung out as a family. Perfect.

Thanksgiving dinner – She’s just the cutest


Our weekend consisted of a lot of this role play. It’s a really cute new thing Noah has been doing and getting us to play too
Bad quality, but cute moment, popcorn and a movie!
This girl is ALWAYS on the go, more specifically, climbing the stairs!

What did you do this weekend?!




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