The days are long but the years are short

It’s true what they say. The days are long but the years are short. It has really just hit me. Like a tonne of bricks.

Noah a few hours old
Noah a few hours old


Siena a few hours old
Siena a few hours old

I was just sitting rocking and feeding Siena as she was dozing off with her hand on my chest and as I was softly tickling her hand, I realized how they had grown. Those cute little hands and feet aren’t the tiny little ones that I was holding just yesterday. Then thinking of my big 25lb boy who I had just bought new shoes for because he seemingly grew out of his size 7 shoes over night, had also grown without me really seeing. I just can’t believe how quick it happens. I don’t know if ill be having more children in the future just yet.

So for now I need to soak these moments up. Some days can be really really hard. When neither child wants to nap, one is crying in hunger and the other is crying because they don’t want to eat what they are given. When one wants to play outside in the water and the other is too young to be in that hot sunĀ and both are too young to be left unattended. When one is napping and the other is so loud I fear they’ll wake the other.

Yes, these days can be tough, being pulled in two different directions and feeling like your swimming against the current. But I have come to the realization with these babies of mine growing so quick that I need to be more present. I need to spend those quiet moments that are far and few in-between watching my babies instead of taking that chance to check my phone. Cleaning the house or being somewhere else in the room, away from them. I need to let go of the messes that are made, the tantrums that are thrown and the sleep that is lost. Because the time that we have had has already gone by so fast, they won’t be this little ever again.

I am so lucky to have been chosen to be the mother of these amazing babies. So now, I need to be present and just soak it all up.


He insisted on holding her
He loves holding her
I cherish these days
I cherish these days




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