Arg, Monday already!?

Over the weekend we went shopping! By shopping I mean Joe had to get shoes (because he wears his into the ground before he gets a new pair) while I wore the 8 month old (because we can’t decide if we need a double stroller, I think this day was enough reason) and pushed around the 2.5 year old who was trying to squeeze himself out of the stroller seat while yelling and grabbing things. Fun times. But, Joe rarely shops for himself so I was happy to do it and it is an awesome time to shop now because there are so many sales on! I can go on a daycare day for myself, which I may just do this week 😉

We stayed for lunch too, the mall has moved the food court to a totally new area and it looks sooo much better! Also there is a little pop bar. It’s basically gelato on a stick. It’s a cool concept and we couldn’t have come across it at a better time, Noah was pissed he was in the stroller and we were hungry. We bought him a strawberry pop, we got a good 10 minutes out of it, which was enough time to order our food, didn’t quite stretch to us waiting for the food and eating. Next time we may have to buy him two…and I will get the hazelnut.

Planning his escape
She’s just the cutest

We also played in the arcade, really because Noah legged it there so Joe had to chase after him while Siena and I finished our lunch. It was actually a lot of fun. Also, we did this. Best $3 spent.


The rest of the weekend was spent at home, a visit from the grandparents and some groceries. It’s the best feeling having so much food in the house, like you feel accomplished and excited for meals, who feels this? I am starting to get anxiety when it comes to groceries and thinking of meals. I use to love doing both but now its such a chore. So I have been busy pinning. I have new inspiration and planning to make a few things this week. Most are directed to a picky toddler, the baby eats everything! I will post if successful!

Water and diggers, his favourites
Girl takes a bottle well 🙂
Books before bed xx


How was your weekend?! If you have some dinner ideas I would love to hear them, I really need some new easy dinner inspiration. I am so bored of the same old.




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