Noah has always been a great little eater. Basically from the day he started solids we never looked back. The boy ate almost everything. Except for yogurt, he didn’t like anything cold. But, fast forward 2 years later and he’s a lot more picky. I am pretty sure he is just being picky because he is a toddler and he is testing boundaries and wants to take some control. So I have had to get a little inventive. He’s not much of a meat and veggies eater but he loves fruit.

I am not at the point of making Pinterest worthy little art works out of his meals yet, But some meals can be a challenge. I also feel like we get stuck in a rut and I end up buying the same things every grocery shop.  So I thought I may do an honest documentation on what my toddler ate today. I figure it will either give someone ideas or at the very least I’ll remember what he did and didn’t eat today.


Jam toast, 1/2 banana, 4 strawberries – All fruit, 2 triangles of toast.

Morning Snack

Apple and Danone yogurt – No surprise, he ate it all


Cheese and humus wrap and strawberries – True to form, ate the strawberries and only the cheese from the wrap

Arvo Snack

Eggo pancake with honey and an Apple – Enjoyed so much ate two more pancakes. Yep, I let him. You gotta pick your battles.


Chicken and vegetable paddies with brown rice – He loved playing with the rice and then ate his baby sisters baby food pouch. Dinner done.


Some websites I love to get inspiration from and have done so since both my children first started solids are One handed cooks and Annabel Karmel. I highly recommend them both


What do you feed your toddler? I would love new ideas..



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