Happy Monday!

What a weekend it was! It was beautiful here in Calgary! We spent most of our time outside soaking up the warm sun and Noah spraying everyone with the hose coz it was just hilarious! #sarcasm


Sweet baby girl
Sweet baby girl


We have decided that we need to spend more time doing little trips and adventures around where we live. Nothing expensive, but enough to have fun family day trips and to see what our city/province has to offer. So this weekend we went to Saskatoon farm. We have never been. It’s beautiful. They are a nursery but also have a cafe and gift shop. The cafe was packed and as previously mentioned, we have a two-year old and no grandparents to chase him so, we just walked around and ate Saskatoon berry ice cream, which was probably one of the best ice creams I have had! I won’t tell you about the A&W burgers we got at the drive through 😉 and yes I am still doing the Kayla Itsines workout 😛 its all about balance👍

Anyway, the Saskatoon farm was great. Really pretty, maybe sans children (or 2 year olds) would be easier to navigate your way around, eat at the cafe and possible purchase a plant or two 🙂 I have my eye on a few fruit trees for the backyard.

View at the top, so pretty!
ice cream
Best Ice cream




This Turkey was not having it.


How was your weekend? Any must have places to visit in the Calgary area  or even Alberta? We are deciding on where to go to next weekend.




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