This weekend was perfect.

On Saturday Noah and Joe got haircuts, after that we went out for lunch at a new Thai restaurant and even though we had to inhale our subs because both kids were done, it was delicious and well be back. After nap we had an early dinner of a (really good) frozen pizza, the kids had Mac and cheese, organic 😉  and we had ice creams in cones at home for dessert, something I haven’t done for years and years. It was nice that for once we didn’t stick to a routine or time schedule and I didn’t put an immense amount of pressure on myself to be making sure the kids ate the rainbow whilst getting a carb and protein and a superfood thrown in. Sometimes you just have to take that weight off your shoulders.



Handsome little man!


She’s pulling herself up constantly now



Sunday we had a sleep in!!! 730am is a big sleep in for us. Naturally we started the day off with a good breakfast, this weekend we had waffles, we decided to take a break from the regular pancakes and I’m certainly not sad about it, you can find the recipe here if your interested.  We spent most of the day outside. Baby girl had a nap of the century (3 hours!) so Noah had our undivided attention in that time which escalated to a water fight, the belly laughs coming from that boy, just the best. Also, we had lunch alfresco and naps were had all around after. An exciting thing happened, Siena’s first tooth came through! I was wondering when that was going to happen.

Seriously, make them



This lasted all of 2 minutes
Boys will be boys




It really was a perfect weekend!



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